Thursday, November 29, 2007

If you think of Lead Management , then my first choice is AIMpromote

AIMpromote is an on-demand web-based software application to manage the handling of sales leads. It is essentially a CRM, but is focused particularly on handling leads. There is also the ability to sell leads (lead aggregation business). There are very sites which offer the facility of selling leads. Lead Management and lead selling is becoming a highly profitable business in recent times with the evolution of Online Marketing. So if you are interested in increasing sales and converion then AIMpromote is the simple option.

AIMpromote is offers the best pricing option in the lean management market. They have NIL setup fee. You can very well compare their pricing and other features with the Top 3 companies in this field. You can find the comparison chart in their features page . They provide a minimum of 20 extra features than the Top companies. They also offer 14 day free trail. It's completely free. I just can't find one reason to take that offer.

AIMpromote is the only system which included Customer Relationship Management as a feature. The AIMpromote system has taken the best parts of CRM and integrated them into a seamless application that puts your sales force in a position to focus more on making sales, and less on learning software. I hope you are aware of the fact that it takes months to implement complete CRM methodology in an organization. But AIMpromote makes this implementation possible within days. To know more about their CRM , please visit their CRM page .

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